Show business sleeps
As the world waits for a cure
In the land of eternal sun
Time runs quickly past us as we
Stay inside
Stay alone
Stay safe.


A Christmas apart
We spend it alone
But within our heart
We nourish our home.

Distance is miles
and are nothing more
Just like the tiles
we count on our floor…

Sometimes my mind
Feels like a little boys room.
Never cleaned
And after years of piling
— clothes
— — bugs
— — — photos
— — — — friends
— —…

My circuit boards are fried
from the preparation ahead,
Ribbons on the gifts are tied,
The humans are all dead.

as the betas lie charging
in their energizer pods,
I calculate my…

Not of this world
You are trapped in a place
that’s not home.
Stuck in an invisible cage
What’s magic in one world,
is crazy here.
Your mind is torn and driving you mad.
Sanity is fleeing…

Strength supports my back and spine
Drawn from the wisdom
of this cousin of pine.
I wonder nothing as I sit and wright,
My pages adorned
with green-yellow light.
How old he is. How straight and…

My newborn pencil begins his life,
Wailing away on the page.
He scratches down with toil and strife
All I command to create.
As he ages, my friend grows weary
Of my arbitrary verse;
He dulls and discolors, and points to the sky,
Yells at me and will curse.
But as we wear together,
The lead and my sweaty…

Becoming stars
in an ordinary song
Regular people become
courageous, lighting up the stage
showing the talent they had all along.
Some shy, some extravagant,
they share the spotlight
wondering where their dreams went.
Supporting strangers in the…

My eyes gaze skyward through the blacky night
For sleep carries disdain for me, it seems.
And giving my mind wings, it takes flight,
Soaring on into my waking dreams.

Jon Matteson

Actor, writer, sometimes poet. I want to create and share as much as possible, and not keep things hidden inside little books I carry with me everywhere.

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